IPCC 5th Assessment Report Second Order Drafts (SODS)

           IPCC_5AR_SODs.rar as an rar-compressed file.

IPCC 5th Assessment Report First Order Drafts (FODS)

        WG1 FOD Ch5: Information from the Paleoclimate Archives

IPCC 5th Assessment Report Zero Order Drafts (ZODS)

A zipped file (71 MB) of all the documents can be downloaded here, and is also hosted at Wikispooks.
An RAR-compressed file (77 MB) is here. It is also hosted at Cryptome.

WG1: outline, authors

        Ch2: Observations: Atmosphere and Surface   
        Ch3: Observations: Ocean   
        Ch4: Observations: Cryosphere   
        Ch5: Information from the Paleoclimate Archives   
        Ch8: Anthropogenic and Natural Radiative Forcing   
        Ch9: Evaluation of Climate Models   
        Ch10: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change: from Global to Regional

WG2: outline, authors

        Ch3: Freshwater Resources   
        Ch4: Terrestial and Inland Water Systems   
        Ch5: Coastal Systems and Low-Lying Areas   
        Ch6: Ocean Systems   
        Ch7: Food Security and Food Production Systems   
        Ch8: Urban Areas   
        Ch9: Rural Areas   
        Ch10: Key Economic Sectors and Services   
        Ch11: Human Health   
        Ch12: Human Security   
        Ch13: Livehoods and Poverty   
        Ch14: Adaption Needs and Options   
        Ch15: Adaptation Planning and Implementation   
        Ch16: Adaptation Opportunties, Constraints, and Limits   
        Ch17: Economics of Adaptation   
        Ch18: Detection and Attribution of Observed Impacts   
        Ch19: Emergent Risks and Key Vulnerabilities    
        Ch20: Climate-Resilient Pathways: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Sustainable Development
        Ch21: Regional Context   
        Ch22: Africa   
        Ch23: Europe   
        Ch24: Asia   
        Ch25: Australasia   
        Ch26: North America   
        Ch27: Central and South America   
        Ch28: Polar Regions   
        Ch29: Small Islands   
        Ch30: Open Oceans

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IPCC's December 14, 2012 statement after the leaking of the SODs.

The IPCC's "Principles Governing IPCC Work" says,

"2. The role of the IPCC is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation."

(emphasis mine).